Four months ago, Devan Fletcher (right) donated a kidney to coworker Angela Meidinger (left), who had been on dialysis for almost four years to treat polycystic kidney disease and whose condition was deteriorating. The women, who sailed through the transplant procedure at Penn, have just returned to work at Genesis Healthcare’s Sanatoga campus in Pottstown, where both work in admissions and marketing. “I cannot believe she did this for me," says Meidinger of Fletcher. “I feel reborn." Prior to the donation, Fletcher says, “I never considered myself a giving person. Compassionate, yes. But giving? No." Now, Fletcher can’t stop looking for ways to help people. She has donated blood, and is researching bone-marrow and egg donation to help people in need. She feels led by her beloved, late grandfather, who died from complications of kidney cancer. “If you’re able to help someone, why wouldn’t you?” she asks. “Why wouldn’t anyone jump at an opportunity to save someone’s life?”