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How much does that doggie in the window want a walk? This family knows.

What began as a bar mitzvah project for one young boy has turned into a passion project for his entire family.

Having a dog means you have a story to tell

The day Blackie the dog moved in, my kid’s heart exploded in joy — and my own heart exploded in wonder. Blackie rounded out our family in ways I never knew were necessary until she loped through our house like she already knew its rooms.

Union carpenters create free custom doghouses for the Pennsylvania SPCA

“And I thought, who better than union carpenters union to build high-quality, amazing doghouses that are up to the city and state code standards?” Mandy Hood said.

Their tote bags sold out at Aerie — proving what people with disabilities can do

When one of their bags disappeared from the Aerie website, they worried they'd done something wrong. The real reason it was gone? "It sold out!"

Without a Wawa manager’s decision 40 years ago, 500 special-needs adults wouldn’t have jobs today

Wawa's deep commitment to workers of all abilities helps it stand out in the marketplace.

Bringing neurodiversity to the workplace: 5 tips from the pros

"You just have to be committed to making it happen by continually inviting core staff into the decision-making process.”

She went from jobless to leading tech projects for IBX and Exelon. How did she do it?

Earnie Dianastasis, founder of The Precisionists, Inc., is looking to create jobs for people with an untapped talent for tech.

These businesses are taking special-needs employees from Disability to ThisAbility, one hire at a time

Employers are changing lives - and strengthening their bottom lines - by hiring those with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

‘It wasn’t hard at all:’ HR managers have ample help to hire people with disabilities

Companies don't have to go it alone when it comes to hiring "neurodivergent" employees.

These Philadelphia companies are changing lives by hiring employees with disabilities

Local and national businesses see the benefits of including people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the workplace.