As editor of The UpSide, I oversee the Inquirer's weekly good news/good stories section, which celebrates the best of us ⁠— and the best in us ⁠— via tales of kindness, hope, inspiration and common goodness.

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The pandemic wiped out this Philly pawn shop’s big party but not its staying power

The coronavirus is no match against the longtime success of Carver W. Reed & Co. at 10th and Sansom.

Philadelphia’s Fire Commissioner stores funeral cards in his hat, to keep firefighters’ lives top of mind

At a memorial service four years ago, he tucked a funeral card in his hat for safekeeping. The hat now bulges with dozens of cards from Fire Department employee funerals.

Summertime means wooder ice

The flavor of summer returns.

The Commencement: Be inspired by these 2020 graduates from the Philadelphia region

Meet a handful of hard-working local 2020 graduates who have done the Philadelphia region proud.

English was not their first language, but these graduating Northeast High seniors write like American poets

After he crossed the southern border into America, one student wrote of feeling “as if I could fly, as a bird to her mountain.” And he realized he had not left all of himself behind, because “my heart, kindness, and intelligence have no borders.”

The UpShot: Photo by David Maialetti

An out-of-work ice sculptor is creating masterpieces as "guerrilla art" and placing them around the city.

To the Class of 2020: We want to hear your stories

The UpSide is soliciting first-person tales of achievement and perseverance from 2020 graduates, to be celebrated in The Commencement, coming in June to The Inquirer.

When the only thing that makes sense is kindness

Is anyone else weeping a lot? I am. This isn’t depression or sadness. I’m weeping over the aching beauty of the human condition, how much this world loves and needs us, how instinctively we hunger for connection — and how, when push comes to shove, we rush to help the people cut off from it.

How much does that doggie in the window want a walk? This family knows.

What began as a bar mitzvah project for one young boy has turned into a passion project for his entire family.

Having a dog means you have a story to tell

The day Blackie the dog moved in, my kid’s heart exploded in joy — and my own heart exploded in wonder. Blackie rounded out our family in ways I never knew were necessary until she loped through our house like she already knew its rooms.