Former Phillies star Lenny Dykstra as signed a deal to face off against the viral star known as the “Bagel Boss Guy” next month in a boxing ring in Atlantic City.

Also known as Chris Morgan, the Bagel Boss Guy last month rose to viral infamy after an emotional breakdown in a New York City bagel shop. After berating others in the store, he was thrown out by another customer. Morgan signed a deal to fight in promoter Damon Feldman’s Celebrity Boxing event shortly after going viral, but his opponent had not been announced until today.

Now, Dykstra, 56, and Morgan will bump gloves on Sept. 7 at the Showboat Hotel Atlantic City.

Morgan took to Instagram today to promote the match, writing in a post that he has “no doubts” he will knock Dykstra out in the bout. Dykstra previously attempted to reach out to Morgan last month via social media following his bagel shop ordeal, saying in a video posted to Twitter that he wanted to help him.

“The anger and issues you have about being small, you need to understand I was the smallest guy in the league,” Dykstra, who is 5’10”, said to Morgan, who complained of height bias on dating sites in the video. “So I had to deal with the same kind of things.”

Following today’s announcement, however, Dykstra wrote on Twitter that his “relationship [with Morgan] has deteriorated,” prompting him to agree to the fight.

Interestingly, Jackass star Bam Margera was initially set to referee the Atlantic City event next month, according to TMZ. However, following the West Chester native’s return to rehab following a public outcry for help from Dr. Phil McGraw last week, Feldman reportedly released Margera from his contract.