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Glenn ‘Hurricane’ Schwartz is probably getting rid of bow ties in retirement. But not the one Malcolm Jenkins designed.

Schwartz joins former Eagle and fellow bow tie guy Malcolm Jenkins in 2022 retirement

A bow tie designed by former Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins is among Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz's collection.
A bow tie designed by former Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins is among Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz's collection.Read moreErin Blewett

What does two-time Super Bowl champ Malcolm Jenkins have in common with NBC10 meteorologist Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz?

They’re bow tie guys.

“I felt that’s the only way that men can show fashion sense,” Schwartz told The Inquirer during a bow tie retrospective ahead of his end-of-May retirement. “Women have a million choices. Men: You’ve got a regular suit and a regular dress shirt, and then what?”

The Philly meteorologist collected more than 170 bow ties over almost three decades on NBC10. One of his favorites was personally designed by the former Eagles safety himself.

Jenkins told Bleacher Report he was so set on sporting a bow tie that reflected his style, he bought a sewing machine and Googled how to make his own.

“I realized that sewing is not my strong suit,” Jenkins joked in the 2016 interview.

Though Jenkins produced some passable bow ties with his at-home setup, he opted to partner with a designer and launch his own line.

Schwartz, who is a fan of Jenkins’ style, bought a bold-patterned Jenkins bow tie at a charity event.

“He won us a Super Bowl,” said Schwartz. “Their first one in my lifetime, so every time I look at it or wear it, it reminds me of the Super Bowl victory.”

Another commonality between Jenkins and Schwartz is they’re both part of the retirement class of 2022.

Jenkins announced the end of a 13-year career in the NFL in March. Schwartz is set to retire from television at the end of May.

Schwartz plans to swim more and hit up some Philly sports games, where he won’t need such a large collection of bow ties. He said he’ll likely give a chunk of his collection to charity, but the Jenkins bow tie will stay.

Schwartz and his iconic style are not disappearing from meteorology entirely. He said he wants to continue connecting with the public.

“I want to talk more and more about climate change and the emergency that is out there and do what I can as a science communicator to help promote renewable energy,” said Schwartz. “So I’m just getting started. It’s just a new phase.”

And for that, he’ll need at least a couple trusty bow ties.