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UpSide Classic: Mystery jogger delighted Montco neighbors by picking up trash as he ran

Borough officials were able to track down the jogger.

The mystery jogger who picked up trash on his run, chose to remain anonymous.
The mystery jogger who picked up trash on his run, chose to remain anonymous.Read moreFile

This article originally appeared in The Inquirer on Aug. 28, 1986.

Hatboro’s “Mystery Jogger,” — who jogs through the borough streets picking up trash along the way — has declined an offer for a public ceremony honoring his daily civic good deed .

This week, borough officials announced that they found their man after a two-month-long search for the jogger, but they declined to reveal his identity.

At Monday’s Borough Council meeting, Raymond Evans, president of Ye Olde Senior Citizens Center, told the council that several members of his organization had located the man.

“I have his name and address,” said Evans as he gave the slip of paper to council President Alfred F. Zollers.

In June, council members, the police chief, Evans and the borough manager all said they wanted to find the Mystery Jogger and honor him so “more people will do the same thing,” Evans said.

This week, council member John M. Demcisak said, "The Mystery Jogger wants to keep anonymous. He will continue his good work in Hatboro, and we have to leave it at that. "

“It’s a shame,” Evans told council. "He’s well-educated. Do you know what he does for a living? "

Zollers quickly interrupted, "Let’s leave it where it is. He wants to remain anonymous! "

Demcisak said the Mystery Jogger once asked him if he could deposit litter in Demcisak’s trash cans in front of his West Monument Avenue home, which he passed on his run.

After Monday’s meeting, Demcisak took the piece of paper with the man’s name and address, and discreetly handed it to borough manager John J. Roughan Jr.

Demcisak declined to say where the man lived.

“He’s a nice guy, and a sincere person,” Demcisak said. "I really can’t comment. He does it to try to keep the environment clean. "

Instead of an award ceremony and his picture in the paper, the Mystery Jogger will receive a private honor. Hatboro officials intend to send him a private letter of thanks.