Watch out, Wildcats, a bear is on the loose in Villanova.

Radnor Township police said a surveillance video confirmed a reported sighting of the bruin in the area of Harrison Road, about two miles west of Villanova University.

Police said the Pennsylvania Game Commission had been notified.

There was no immediate information on the black bear’s size, age, or sex.

Due to increasing population pressures, bears are being sighted more frequently in suburban areas. The Game Commission estimates that there are about 20,000 bears in Pennsylvania. Hunters have taken 3,475 bears so far this year, none in the four counties surrounding Philadelphia, according to the commission.

Bears, which are most active at dawn and dusk, are fattening up before retreating to their dens for the winter.

Bird feeders attract bears, and Villanova residents should consider taking them down until it gets colder, as well as securing their trash cans, wildlife experts say.

Sightings of bears in suburban neighborhoods should be reported to the local police.