A database published Saturday by the Plain View Project cited more than 1,100 questionable Facebook posts or comments by current or former Philadelphia police officers, including 330 still on the force. The list includes 16 high-ranking members of the force — an inspector, six captains, nine lieutenants — as well as 30 women. The officers named in the database work in dozens of locations, from district precincts to the airport, from the SWAT team to the Police Academy to the radio room.

Some of the postings highlighted by the project are cited below. With each, The Inquirer confirmed that a Philadelphia officer of the same name was listed in city payroll records but did not independently verify the alleged postings. The Inquirer also tried to contact the named officers by phone and Facebook messages; each either could not be reached or did not respond to requests for comment.

  • Feb. 21, 2017: Sgt. Joseph Przepiorka allegedly posts an image of a skeleton wrapped in a U.S. flag, carrying a gun, and the words Death To Islam on top. The Plain View Project cited 91 questionable posts by Przepiorka, of which 56 were categorized as showing bias.

  • Jan. 27, 2012: Sgt. Mark Palma allegedly posts: “Got to make a trip to WAL-MART tonight, yes a Friday night at the ghetto mart. Im sure ill c all types of creatures tonight.” The Plain View Project flagged 42 posts allegedly made by Palma, nine of which it said showed bias.

  • June 21, 2016: Officer Tom Gack allegedly posts a picture of Pope Francis kissing a person’s foot and comments: “First President Oblunder bows to Muslim princes.....now the Pope washes and kisses Muslim feet!!!! This is what socialists do.....pander to the evil that wants to kill you!!!!” The Plain View Project cited 33 questionable posts from Gack, including 18 that it said showed bias.

  • Sept. 20, 2015: Officer Robert Oakes allegedly posts Miranda warnings given to people being detained as: “1. You have the right to sh-t the f — k up.....anything you say will cause me to f-king throat punch you …. 2.you have the right to an attorney ….if you can’t afford one that’s your f-king fault ….you should have done better in life …. 3.at any point you can decide to f — k off ….but if you did that in the first place then I wouldn’t have to waste my time reading you your rights you pile of sh-t!!!!!” The Plain View Project cited 21 posts from Oakes, including 10 it said showed bias.

  • Aug. 22, 2012: Lt. Sean Dandridge allegedly posts a comment referencing “drug-dealing savages who spray the corners of their ‘enemies.’ ” The Plain View Project cited 12 questionable posts from Dandridge, including five it said showed bias.

  • June 30, 2013: After a naked man, believed to be under the influence of drugs, attacked officers in North Philadelphia, Officer George Marko allegedly posts a comment on the incident: “Hopefully that p.o.s. will die in the hospital, and his old man chokes to death crying over it. F-ing Chuds.” Marko had been in the spotlight after he fired 11 shots at a fleeing suspect on New Year’s 2008, and ended up killing a bystander inside an East Germantown house. Then-District Attorney Seth Williams’ office cleared Marko of any wrongdoing, but the city later agreed to pay $1.8 million to settle a wrongful-death claim with the victim’s family. The Plain View Project cited 11 questionable posts from Marko.