I cover crime and courts, with a focus on Philadelphia and South Jersey.

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Philly’s vaccination effort reaches out to another community: the deaf

Although Saturday was dedicated to people with hearing loss, the FEMA-run sites at Esperanza and the Convention Center regularly have American Sign Language interpreters available.

Man killed and boy, 10, wounded in Burlington City shooting; girl, 4, grazed by bullet in Trenton

The shootings occurred Friday. No arrests or motives were reported.

Former Gloucester Township cop sentenced to 4 years in prison for slapping a 13-year-old girl

The judge waived a mandatory minimum prison term of five years for Flinn, finding that in this case, such a term would be a "serious injustice."

Police in Philly and beyond are struggling with a shortage of police recruits and a surge in retirements

“People don’t want to be police anymore,” one local police chief said. “It’s a good job, and good-paying job, but when you look at national news every day, people just don’t want to be officers.”

Three charged with murder in the death of an Atlantic City man; 30 charged in drug-trafficking case

Three men were charged with murder in the February 2019 shooting death of Demond Tally, a longtime friend of Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small Sr.

Feds say an ex-lawyer from Camden County stole $2.4M in a fraud scheme tied to Philly sports season-ticket holders

Frank Tobolsky, 59, allegedly defrauded a Delaware resident from November 2013 through May 2016. Tobolsky had once before been accused of fraudulently selling a stadium seat license for the Eagles.

New Jersey prosecutors to waive mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent drug offenders

The announcement came as Gov. Phil Murphy conditionally vetoed a bill that would eliminate mandatory minimum terms for nonviolent offenders because it includes crimes of official misconduct.

Driver says a dirt bike rider punched him, hurled cinder blocks into his SUV

The alleged attacker, Gregory Stevens, 27, of Tacony, was held for trial on aggravated assault and illegal gun-possession charges.

Father killed, 6-year-old boy injured in triple shooting in Southwest Philly

Joshua Butts, 28, was fatally wounded just before 7:20 p.m. Wednesday as he, his son, and another man sat inside a parked white Ford Taurus next to Harrington Elementary School, police said.

South Jersey native admits he killed five people and was planning to kill a sixth, authorities say

Sean Lannon, 47, has been charged with murder in the deaths of four people, three in New Mexico and one in South Jersey. Authorities suspect him in the killing of a fourth person in New Mexico.