A Philadelphia police officer was charged with robbery and other offenses in New York City on Saturday following a domestic incident earlier this week in Brooklyn.

Officer Angel Lopez, 30, will be suspended for 30 days with intent to dismiss, said Richard Ross, Philadelphia Police Commissioner.

“It’s so very unfortunate that someone will give up a good job for something that’s so ridiculous,” Ross said.

While in full uniform, Lopez allegedly traveled to a Brooklyn apartment complex with his girlfriend on Thursday to demand that the girlfriend’s brother hand over a disputed small dog, a Maltese.

Armed with his pistol, carrying handcuffs, and displaying his badge, Lopez entered the man’s apartment and began to yell “Where is the dog? I want the dog!” according to court documents.

Lopez allegedly pushed and choked the man when he didn’t surrender the animal. Meanwhile, his girlfriend grabbed the Maltese and fled, according to a New York City Police Department spokesperson. Lopez followed.

“It appears to be a domestic [dispute] gone wrong,” said the spokesperson.

Lopez was arrested at 8:45 p.m. on Friday. It was unclear where, or if, he was taken into custody.

Todd A. Spodek, attorney representing Lopez said that his firm’s investigation has found that the complainant has a “history of domestic violence,” and “fabricating stories” against his client.

“We have two eye witness who diametrically contradict his account and can confirm that Mr. Lopez acted appropriately at all times,” Spodek said. “I anticipate Mr. Lopez being permitted to return to the force shortly.”

On Saturday afternoon, the Brooklyn District Attorney for Kings County charged Lopez with several counts of robbery, along with grand larceny, assault, menacing, and other assorted counts.