A 16-year-old boy with an “extensive criminal record,” according to Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw, has been charged with shooting a police officer Monday night in North Philadelphia, police said Tuesday.

The officer, who has not been named but has been described as 28 years old with four years on the force, suffered a graze wound to his head and was treated and released from Temple University Hospital. A second officer suffered facial lacerations when a car window was shot out. He also was treated and released from Temple.

Jasir Harris, of Philadelphia, was located on the 2100 block of North Fairhill Street and taken into custody. Harris was charged with aggravated assault, assault on a law enforcement officer, and related offenses. Although no one died, Harris was charged with criminal homicide, which police said applied to attempted murder.

“While only 16, this young man has an extensive criminal record, and it is nothing short of a miracle that we aren’t planning funerals for two of our brave police officers,” Outlaw said in a statement.

“While there is little doubt that this young man has encountered numerous systemic failures during his short life, none of those circumstances have given him the right to terrorize society in the manner in which he has,” Outlaw said.

Outlaw added that she hopes the teen will “face the serious legal consequences that he should have faced a long time ago.”

Shortly after 8 p.m. Monday, two uniformed officers in an unmarked vehicle responded to a carjacking in the parking lot of a Wawa at 2535 Aramingo Ave., police said..

The officers were on the 2200 block of North Reese Street when they saw the vehicle, a white Chevrolet Malibu, which was being tracked by OnStar.

The officers then saw a male exit the driver’s side door of another vehicle parked in front of the Malibu. The officers drove past both vehicles and were attempting to turn around when they were shot at, police said.

The officers got out of their vehicle and chased a group of males but were unable to apprehend any of them, police said.

“I wish a speedy physical and mental recovery to our officers and to all of the victims of Mr. Harris’s past crimes and expect him to be fairly and fully prosecuted within the Criminal Justice System,” Outlaw said.