Philadelphia’s newest mascot resembles a wingless bat or devil. Maybe an alien? Your guess is as good as ours, but the Philadelphia Stars — part of the revamped United States Football League — is asking the public to help it name its Gritty-esque creature.

An USFL representative was not immediately available for some questions — because who? And, more importantly, why?

What we know at the moment is limited to the creature’s introductory video. Like the Phanatic and Gritty, this mascot appears to enjoy a good belly and light twerk for the cameras.

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To backtrack, the Philadelphia Stars were part of the original, albeit short-lived, USFL of the 1980s. That original league of 12 teams only lasted three seasons and is unrelated to the USFL of today, which is starting with a total of eight teams.

On Monday, all USFL teams took to social media to reveal their respective mascots and most were self-explanatory. A steed for the Birmingham Stallions, a cowboy with an ace card adorning his wide-brimmed hat for the Houston Gamblers, and a helmeted man for the New Jersey Generals.

The Philly Stars’ Twitter account simply posted “Truly… Out of this world” for an introduction to the muppet-like creature.

While a star would have likely been an incredibly boring choice, the internet didn’t know what to make of the red mascot with owl-like eyes, what look to be small horns, and short fangs.

Just how the mascot is received by Philly remains to be seen, lest we forget Gritty’s introduction lent itself to endless ridicule. Those wanting to weigh in on a name can comment on the Stars’ initial post. The team’s first game will be next Sunday against the New Orleans Breakers.