Police Commissioner Richard Ross abruptly resigned Tuesday, a day after a woman in the department claimed in a lawsuit that he ignored her complaints of another officer’s sexual harassment because she had previously broken off a two-year affair with Ross in 2011.

The alleged affair is referenced in an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaint and subsequent lawsuit filed by Cpl. Audra McCowan — the woman who alleged the affair — and Patrol Officer Jennifer Allen.

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Read the full complaint here:

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On page 28, Commissioner Richard Ross allegedly is told of Audra McCowan’s sexual harassment complaints.

The following page mentions McCowan’s alleged affair with Ross.

Later, a representative from the police union is quoted as telling McCowan that her request for a change of hours was rejected because “you’re out of the clique."

“Between you and me, this is all coming from Commissioner Ross ... because he thinks you’re making all this up," John McGrody of the FOP told McCowan in a phone call, according to the complaint.

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