Philly’s ballot can get confusing, especially when dozens of candidates are running for a bunch of offices, some of which we don’t come in contact with all that often. (How often do you talk to the Register of Wills?)

Oh, and don’t forget the four ballot questions.

Let’s see how much you know. Don’t worry — no one’s watching. And if you get an answer wrong, we’ll explain what you need to know.

If you know what’s up this election day, here’s your chance to prove it.

If you don’t, we’ll get you caught up.

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Want to learn more?

Here’s our overall voter guide to this election, and here’s a look at Philly voters’ views on the top priorities for the city, the mayor, and more.

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Mayor: Mayor Jim Kenney is running for reelection, with state Sen. Anthony Williams and former City Controller Alan Butkovitz challenging him.

City Council: Here’s a look at the candidates — now let them pitch you on why you should vote for them. Find out what they would introduce as their first piece of legislation and learn more about the Republican candidates.

City Commissioners: Learn more about the office that runs elections — and why some think it should be abolished — and then take a closer look at the candidates.

Judges: Here’s why we elect judges in Pennsylvania, and here’s what you need to know about the Superior Court candidates.