A Burlington County man was sentenced Wednesday to 20 years in state prison for stabbing two New York City men killing one — during a fight moments after the Eagles won Super Bowl LII.

Supreme Life, 57, of Lumberton, was convicted in March on charges of passion provocation manslaughter and attempted murder in connection with the Feb. 4, 2018, stabbing that left Moriah Walker, 26, of Brooklyn, dead and Raheem Williams, 23, of Queens, with a stomach wound.

The stabbings happened during a street fight that broke out in Life’s neighborhood on Coriander Drive moments after the Eagles beat the defending champion New England Patriots, 41–33, for their first Super Bowl win and first NFL title since 1960.

Life, a former landscaper and Army veteran who was known as Charles Hoskins before he changed his name for religious and personal reasons, must serve 85 percent of the prison sentence before becoming eligible for parole under the conditions set by Judge Charles A. Delehey. Antoine Ketler, 34, Life’s son, was also charged in connection with the slaying but was acquitted by the jury that convicted his father.

During the trial, Life testified that the fight began shortly after the game ended and people watching the game at various parties on Coriander stepped outside to celebrate. Outside Life’s home, Ketler, who is a Dallas Cowboys fan, ribbed his father, saying, “F— the Eagles."

Walker and Williams, who had come down from New York to watch the game with Williams’ cousin in Lumberton, had also stepped outside to celebrate the win, according to trial testimony. Williams had lived in Lumberton and wanted to be with his family during the game.

After the game, the New York men decided to drive to Philadelphia, but while passing by Life’s home, someone pounded on their car, and Walker and Williams “got out to check it out.” Words were exchanged, and the fight began.

Life testified that he acted in self-defense, using a four-inch pocket knife to stab both men. Walker died of wounds to the heart, an arm, a leg, and chest.