After two break-ins at their Center City home delayed their plans to launch a hard seltzer company, brothers Vikram and Vivek Nayar decided to embrace the chaos: They named the brand Two Robbers after the still-unidentified culprits.

The brothers, who started experimenting with making seltzer in 2018, launched Two Robbers this spring. It’s now sold in more than 100 stores and bars and through distributors in the Philadelphia area, including Acme locations, DiBruno Bros., and numerous bottle shops. The company recently moved to offices in South Philly’s Bok Building.

The seltzer is made with sparkling water, flavors from fruit, and alcohol from fermented cane sugar, which gives it a cleaner, less sweet taste than some spiked seltzers. It comes in three flavors: pineapple ginger, orange mango, and watermelon cucumber.

The cans are decorated with work by Scottish artist and designer Jonny Mowat, who created custom illustrations depicting scenes of apartment-dwellers doing everyday things like reading, showering, and playing musical instruments. Each picture also includes two robbers, who are drawn as small, cute skeletons who appear to be hiding in plain sight. — Allison Steele

Two Robbers hard seltzer, $3.29 for a can at local stores; for a complete list, go to