Zach Calilung thought he was doomed Wednesday. His white, rear-wheel-drive Mini Cooper was stuck in the snow, tires spinning, at the bottom of a hill in Gladwyne after several inches of snow and ice blanketed the region.

No one was around, and Calilung, who recently moved to the area from southern California and had never before driven in snow, was about to call a friend for help.

That is, until a savior appeared. And he was wearing a full suit covered in pot leaves.

“All I could see around me was white snow,” Calilung, 23, recalled, “and then all of the sudden, this angelic man in a green suit comes knocking on my window.”

The Knight in Shining Weed Suit was Cary McClain, a criminal defense attorney who was outside filming himself wearing his two-week-old get-up in the snow to post on his social media channels. He went over to Calilung, who said he rolled down his window and was “in disbelief” at the man staring back at him. McClain asked Calilung if he needed a boost and pushed him “a football-field length” up the hill and to the other side. All the while, McClain’s 18-year-old son was filming.

Moral of the story: Not all heroes wear capes. But some of them do wear weed suits.

McClain, who’s now calling himself “the Green Savior” and admits to being a marijuana “enthusiast," said he helped get four other cars out of the snow on his street Wednesday. And the “marijuana suit,” as he calls it, is the most recent addition to his bigger defense attorney schtick that dates to 2005 when he went into private practice after spending time working as both a prosecutor in the Montgomery County district attorney’s office and then another several years as an investigator with Allstate.

His first stunt was calling himself “the DUI master” and using social media to recruit clients by doing things like posting pictures of himself drinking a cocktail at the shooting range so potential clients get the idea that he’s “like Jiu-Jitsu, eighth-degree black belt at defending people in DUIs.” Then, he branded himself as a warrior for the truly afflicted through, which he used to obtain clients arrested for bad behavior at Birds games.

Today, he also owns and helps clients secure medical marijuana cards. His new favorite mechanism to attract potential clients is the weed suit. which he bought online for $100. It came with a tie. And he wears it with Ferragamos, of course.

“I love to go down to Parc, Rouge, the Racquet Club, hang around on the bench with my posse," he said, “and wear the marijuana suit and say hi to people and let them know, if they have any issues, give me a holler.”

After the push that put him over the edge, Calilung wasn’t able to properly thank his hero because he couldn’t — and shouldn’t — have stopped his Mini Cooper once it started rolling. So he posted about what happened on Reddit, after which someone else shared a link to McClain’s Instagram page, which featured a recent post of a man in a weed suit pushing a Mini Cooper up the hill. Bingo.

On Thursday, the two connected via Instagram. Calilung thanked McClain. McClain invited Calilung to party with him on St. Patrick’s Day, when he promises there will be a new, themed suit. Calilung said he’d love to.

Maybe, Calilung said, he’ll get his own special suit.