Good morning, Eagles fans. Happy Friday! We’re eight days through training camp and Friday marks the second rest day since the start. By this point, it’s become apparent that Nick Sirianni prioritizes “attacking rest,” as he puts it. There have already been two veteran days off and practice has surpassed the 90-minute mark only once or twice in the last two weeks.

For a team that’s had some of the worst injury luck in the league, perhaps it’s not a bad idea to change things up. Sirianni said the decision was made with the training staff’s input at the forefront. We’ll know soon enough if the new approach actually shortens the injury reports this season.

“All that goes down to player health and I’m not the expert in that,” Sirianni said. “So myself and our strength staff and our training staff and our doctors and Howie Roseman, we all get together and we talk about how do we keep those guys — we have so much ability on the field, how do we keep them available, right?”

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From the mailbag

Has Jordan Mailata looked objectively good at left tackle, or just comparatively so thanks to Andre Dillard’s struggles? — From Tyler (@ty1erandrews) on Twitter.

Great question, Tyler. Jordan Mailata has certainly taken a commanding lead in the starting left-tackle race with Andre Dillard. Dillard’s struggles throughout camp are well-documented by now, but it’s important to point out that Mailata has looked objectively good, comparisons aside. He looks leaner than he did the last time I saw him in person (which wasn’t really last year, because COVID). He’s dominated one-on-ones, which typically favor the pass rushers and he’s had bright moments in team, too.

Mailata put some really special things on tape last year. His ability to move as well as he does at his size is freaky. He has to stay healthy, and he has to get more consistent, but this training camp has been very encouraging for anyone hoping the Australian establishes himself as a quality starting left tackle in the league.