You’re going to need to pack your sunscreen today as temperatures are expected in the high 90s.

Speaking of hot, the housing market has been blistering, with people offering thousands over the asking price, waving inspections, and more to land that dream home. Now, it appears that the same energy has hit rentals.

And, the city is preparing efforts to digitize COVID-19 vaccination cards. But there are some who wonder the worth of going through all that trouble at this stage of the pandemic.

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The ultra-competitive housing market has reached rentals

The rental market has now become a survival of the fittest.

And by “fittest,” we mean people with pristine credit scores are still considering paying hundreds over asking as low supply and rising inflation have turned renting into a veritable bidding war.

“We had people paying 50% to 60% of their income for housing,” Rachel Falkove, executive director of the homelessness prevention and services nonprofit Family Promise of Philadelphia, formerly known as Philadelphia Interfaith Hospitality Network, “and the rates are going way up.”

Nationwide, the median rent reached $1,827 in April, up 21% from April 2020 and almost 17% from April 2021, according to a report. It’s on track to pass $2,000 by August. April marked the 14th straight month of record-high median rents.

In the Philadelphia metro area, the median rent is $1,775, up almost 8% from last year. It’s a major reason why our reporter Michaelle Bond takes this timely look at the state of renting across the region.

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Digital COVID-19 vaccine cards are coming to Philly. Some wonder why

You read that correctly. The city is implementing a system that would allow residents to have a digital version of their COVID-19 vaccine card.

And despite ending its mandate for indoor dining in February – a sector of which fairly, this would not only be limited to – and no plans to renew any of its COVID-19 safety restrictions, digital cards could be here soon.

In fact, holding up the rollout is what the city cited as technical issues.

Some businesses do still require customers to prove vaccination, as do many employers and schools, said Matt Rankin, a spokesperson for the city’s health department, who added that the digital proof of vaccination would also be helpful as people get booster shots.

But not everyone sees the need for a digital version of the vaccination card as the best use of city resources and funding. There’s also the issue of privacy and, some say, the level of interest from the public.

If you’re interested in how this differs from a picture of your vaccination card saved to your smartphone favorites, our reporters Kasturi Pananjady and Jason Laughlin explore in their latest.

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