Patti Kelly-Peightal made friends easily. More important is that she kept them, whether they were from elementary school, high school, and college, or her more than 30 years as a Realtor.

“I think it was unique that she certainly kept in touch with all the girls that she grew up with and met over the various stages of her educational life,” said Michael Weick, her brother-in-law. “A couple of ladies had Shore homes, and they’d have girlfriend weekends down the Shore. They kind of had an unofficial sorority. She had a lot of girlfriends, and she saw them every year.”

Ms. Kelly-Peightal, 63, a graduate of St. Hubert’s High School and Pennsylvania State University, died Thursday, June 4, at St. Mary Medical Center in Langhorne from complications of the coronavirus. She was born in the city’s Rhawnhurst section and eventually settled in Richboro, Bucks County.

She was the fourth of seven children, and loved family occasions. One of the early ones was the Pennypack Park Festival, an event founded by her father, Ed Kelly, when he was president of the Northeast Chamber of Commerce. She was one of its biggest sponsors, proudly flying a ReMax 2000 banner representing her Somerton office.

“She helped keep it going with the group of folks that my father-in-law worked with to get that established,” Weick said. “When I came into the family, they were always gathered every summer helping out and volunteering at that festival.”

Ms. Kelly-Peightal’s parents had 14 grandchildren, so there were plenty of family functions, such as baptisms, graduations, and birthday parties, in which she took part. She was proud of her three children. Her daughter Julia worked with her for about 15 years.

She was a big sports fan but loved the Eagles most of all, reveling in their Super Bowl LII championship.

“Her father had season tickets, and I guess that’s where her love of the Eagles came about,” Weick said. “Football was her number-one sport. She would set up the parties for the playoffs and things like that.”

Weick recounted the initial encounter between Ms. Kelly and Ed Peightal, a registered nurse whom she married 40 years ago. When they met, he was operating a lunch truck, and she stopped to get some pretzels.

Mr. Kelly-Peightal connected with husband Ed through soft pretzels.
Courtesy of the Kelly and Peightal families
Mr. Kelly-Peightal connected with husband Ed through soft pretzels.

“That was the first thing she asked him for, and that’s the one thing he didn’t have on the truck,” Weick said. “Because he liked her, obviously, he made darn sure that he was going to have the pretzels from the next day forward. That’s kind of how they connected.”

In addition to her husband and daughter, Ms. Kelly-Peightal is survived by daughter Trisha and son Bryan; two grandchildren; four sisters; and a brother.

Joe Juliano,