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Letters: Race imbues 'knockout game'

One of the most shocking elements of the 'knockout game' is the pretense by some that there is no racial aspect to it.


One of the most shocking elements of the "knockout game" is the pretense by some that there is no racial aspect to it.

President Obama has been quick to speak on some simple indignities involving race, yet now remains silent. Again, he selectively chooses racial issues to speak upon only if they suit his myopic political agenda. By doing so, he proves himself as pusillanimous as those perpetrating the crimes.

Joseph J. Catto


'Mad hatters'? Nope

Re: Reader responds to "Hatters a size too small" letter (Dec. 5).

Letter writer Jim Hunter is your typical low-information voter who knows one thing. Democrats are not supposed to be like the Republicans, especially the tea party. So he writes a letter claiming that the tea party believes the 47 million Americans on food stamps are bums. Of course he calls the tea party "mad hatters" when making this claim. But if it was true and the tea party actually believed that, wouldn't Jim just say who from the tea party says this and when?

Mr. Hunter cannot do that because the tea party is for less government spending, but people like Jim Hunter take the leap and apply it to any social program in order to create a straw man argument.

Jim Hunter knows the truth. He knows that you are not against a blanket law covering the health-care system but you are really against maternity leave for working mothers.

When you begin an argument with "They complain about . . . " and then you add your version instead of what is actually being complained about, your argument falls flat. In this case "they" is not just the tea party but a majority of Americans, according to polls (Gallup, Real Clear, PPP, etc.). The majority of Americans are against being mandated to pay for coverage they do not need.

Kevin Metz

Ridley Park, Pa.