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2018 in political cartoons: How Signe Wilkinson drew the year’s biggest moments

Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Signe Wilkinson rounds up her favorite toons of the year.

Philadelphians turned out well above average in November's election, even newcomers voted.
Philadelphians turned out well above average in November's election, even newcomers voted.Read moreSigne Wilkinson

So much happened this year — every single hour, it seemed — that my 2018 cartoons remind me of incidents I’ve almost forgotten. Remember when we were about to make peace with North Korea? That women were finally believed when they dimed out their sexual abusers? When the Pennsylvania Supreme Court gave the state semi-sensible voting districts? Hey, anyone remember who won the Super Bowl?

The good news, from my point of view anyway, is that, thanks to American voters, so many talented new people from many new (to national government) backgrounds and ages will help run the country come January. And lots of them are women! As a firm believer in equality, I am confident that a few of them will be just as awful as the worst representatives they replaced — ensuring the continued existence of political cartoons.

However, as an ever-hopeful citizen, I believe that some of them will open new doors for us, that they will find ways to work with or around everyone already in Congress, and that they will find ways to solve at least some of our problems. If that should happen and the need for cartoons about national politics disappeared, I would not despair. I would still have Philadelphia.

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