Good things happen in Philadelphia in every minute of every hour of every day. They happen in our medical centers, universities, schools, churches, community centers, businesses, neighborhoods, homes, and through the hands, hearts, and minds of the six million people who call this metro region home. And more good things happen through the thousands of nonprofit organizations that are accomplishing the hard work of serving those among us who need support, services, expert care, and inspiration.

There’s no denying the many challenges facing our region, city, and citizens. The issues urgently beckon real solutions and more resources to enable answers and actions driven by nonprofit organizations run by difference-makers who have a central purpose to positively impact lives. Thousands of people make doing good a career choice, and are supported by many thousands more who are committed to enabling good through philanthropy, annual giving, advocacy, and volunteerism.

The last seven months of this incredibly challenging year is a testament to how much good happens in Philadelphia.

Neighbors and organizations throughout the region continue to come together to support their local communities, causes, and cultural institutions addressing the needs of all our neighbors. According to the Philanthropy Network Greater Philadelphia, over a dozen COVID-19 philanthropic response funds deployed more than $40 million across 10 counties in Southeastern Pennsylvania and South Jersey between March 18 and June 29. That includes over $17.5 million raised and distributed in less than 100 days through an unprecedented collaboration between over 8,500 organizations and individuals who donated to the PHL COVID-19 Fund.

Organizations like the African Family Health Organization (AFAHO), which provides health, educational, and social services for African and Caribbean immigrants and refugees in Philadelphia, received funding that allowed continued support of families made desperate by COVID-19.

This is indicative of all the good that surrounds us. The pandemic has proven to us that good is in the fabric of the Greater Philadelphia region.

Goodness doesn’t belong to any political party, nor is it the domain of any single ideology.

Good comes from all of us and to all of us through knowledge, listening, empathy, honesty, humility, sacrifice, service, innovation, generosity, hard work, leadership — simply said, it is humanity in action at its best. We at the Philadelphia Foundation are committed to standing up for what matters. Motivated by all that has been accomplished through the efforts and legacies that have been a part of Philadelphia for centuries and energized by the forces of good that we believe abound across our region, we are ready and resolved to move us forward — to make more good things happen.

Pedro A. Ramos is the president and CEO of the Philadelphia Foundation. Kate Allison is the chair of the board of managers of the Philadelphia Foundation.