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2020 sucks, but as Thanksgiving approaches, tell us what you’re grateful for

It's more important than ever to remember to be thankful this holiday season.

Virtual Thanksgiving 2020
Virtual Thanksgiving 2020Read moreGetty Images

With Philadelphia’s new COVID cases this month skyrocketing past their spring peak, the city increased virus-related restrictions through Jan. 1, pushing us all to trade holiday festivities for staying home and saving lives. City officials Monday moved to close gyms, museums, and other venues, shutter indoor dining, and ban indoor gatherings as of Nov. 20, effectively prohibiting Thanksgiving celebrations with anyone who doesn’t live in your household.

Staring down this clampdown and the horrific toll of the virus prompting it, it can feel hard to be thankful at all this year. But that also makes it feel especially important—to remind ourselves of the loved ones, the strangers, and the stakes in our city and country that require us all to sign up for an unusual holiday season. So we want to hear from our readers: What are you grateful for this Thanksgiving?

Let us know in no more than 150 words in the Google form below, and feel free to reach out with more thoughts at by 10 a.m. Monday. We’ll publish select responses in print and online Thanksgiving day.