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‘The Phils know how to party’: The legend of DJ Stubbs and the Phils Win playlist

Garrett Stubbs, backup catcher and clubhouse DJ, keeps the good vibes of victory going. "It’s like a reward, getting to party after the games."

Phillies designated hitter Bryce Harper yells with his teammates after the Phillies beat the St. Louis Cardinals in the 2022 National League wild-card series.
Phillies designated hitter Bryce Harper yells with his teammates after the Phillies beat the St. Louis Cardinals in the 2022 National League wild-card series.Read moreYong Kim / Staff Photographer

ATLANTA — When Garrett Stubbs was playing with the Astros from 2019-21, George Springer was their designated clubhouse DJ. Springer could be counted on to play the team’s playlist after wins as the players were filtering into the room. After Springer left for Toronto in 2021, Kyle Tucker replaced him. But no matter what, there was always a postgame vibes guy.

On the 2022 Phillies, Stubbs, the backup catcher, is that guy, and he has been since the beginning of the season. It wasn’t something designated by his teammates, but because of his proximity to the speaker, he always went out of his way to put on music after wins. One day, early in the season, the Phillies walked into a clubhouse after a win, and it was completely silent.

“Stubby, where’s the music?” Kyle Gibson asked.

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At that point, Stubbs knew he was the DJ. And he has embraced it. He has created a playlist — Phils Win on Spotify — that ranges from Elton John to Dua Lipa to Mickey Avalon to Alabama. It’s 4 hours and 26 minutes of pure chaos, because it isn’t just Stubbs who is adding to it. Gibson is a “big Dua Lipa fan” so he’s put some of her songs on the list. Nick Castellanos and Brandon Marsh account for most of the rap songs, according to Stubbs. Kyle Schwarber brought “Dancing On My Own — Tiesto Remix” by Calum Scott from the 2021 Red Sox, and now it is played after every win.

“It’s a great song to sing to,” Stubbs said. “I think Schwarber recommended it in the very beginning. He put it on and everyone loved it.”

Some of the additions are products of pure happenstance. During the All-Star break, Stubbs was on a boat with Alec Bohm and former Phillie Mickey Moniak, and they heard “Dixieland Delight” by Alabama come on their Spotify. They started to sing along, and when David Robertson, an Alabama native, was traded to the Phillies at the trade deadline, the song earned a permanent spot in the team’s post-win playlist.

Matt Vierling added “[Expletive] Down in Dallas” by Trey Lewis. Stubbs added Tenacious D to the playlist.

“I put him on there,” Stubbs said. “The [expletive] song was the one I put on there. I didn’t realize anyone would know the lyrics to it and every one was singing it and I was like, ‘Oh, this is awesome.’ ”

Stubbs also added a certain song by Mickey Avalon, with a name so vulgar it can’t be published in this family newspaper.

“I mean, we’re in the locker room,” Stubbs said. “Nobody thought that playlist would be seen by anybody else, so there are some raunchy songs on there that are just fun sing-along songs. But I love Mickey Avalon.”

All joking aside, both the playlist and Stubbs have made a real impact on a team in the midst of a postseason run. Rookie designated hitter Darick Hall said he associates it with winning.

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“We can’t wait to get in there and hear our five or six songs,” Hall said on Tuesday. “‘Dancing On My Own,’ ‘Cold Heart,’ when you hear those songs, you just enjoy the win more. ‘Dancing On My Own’ means something to me now. When I hear that song outside of the field, the first thing I think of is clinching.

“It’s crazy that this is just getting noticed because it does get the boys rolling.”

Stubbs has played around with the order of the songs throughout the season. At first, the team was playing “Cold Heart — PS1 Remix” by Elton John and Dua Lipa. Then, they started playing “Dancing On My Own — Tiesto Remix” followed by “Cold Heart — PS1 Remix.” But now, they have a routine.

As the team starts to filter in, Stubbs will play “Love Tonight — Edit” by Shouse. Then, when everyone is in the clubhouse, he’ll play “Dancing On My Own,” and then they let the playlist run wild.

“Everyone wants to hear those songs after we play,” Stubbs said. “It’s like a reward, getting to party after the games. And the Phils know how to party. We have a really good time.”

Stubbs said the vibes around the team are as good as they’ve ever been.

“Right now, in the locker room, Castellanos is playing the music,” Stubbs said. “Everyone will have a role, but for the most part, everyone just kind of dabbles in everything. Nobody is stuck to one thing.

“Kind of like in the games. It’s not like we need one guy to get a homer all the time or get a hit all of the time. Everyone contributes. We just kind of figure it out. And while there might be some people who hang out with some people more than others, we can all get dinner and have a great time. There’s no cliques.

“The team is totally inclusive to everybody. If somebody gets called up, they feel like a part of the group right away. Everyone gets to be themselves. It’s just a great group of dudes, and I don’t think every team has that.”

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Stubbs said the Phillies are excited to bring those vibes back to Philadelphia on Friday for Game 3, and they hope the fans at Citizens Bank Park will show up, too. If they do, they might be in for a little surprise.

“If we win one of the games in Philly, I have a feeling the speakers will be playing ‘Dancing On My Own,’ ” Stubbs said with a grin. ”We’ll see. We’ve talked about it a little bit.”