Yes, there are other ways to get to the Shore besides driving down in the family car. From a 12-minute jaunt in a private jet to a four-hour scenic tour by bus, here are some alternatives to getting behind the wheel:

By train

Rail returned as a Philly-Shore option in May 2019. New Jersey Transit had shut down the Atlantic City Rail Line in September 2018 to accommodate the installation of a safety system. The train to A.C. leaves 30th Street Station 12 times daily, from 6 a.m. to 1 a.m. A one-way ride costs $10.75 and takes about an hour and a half.

By bus

NJ Transit buses offer connections with most Shore towns, so check the website to see those options. There are plenty. A trip to Cape May from the Greyhound terminal at 10th and Filbert Streets in Center City, for example, costs $23.70 and takes about 3 hours and 45 minutes. Routes that require transfers often make riders change buses in Atlantic City, so consider combining a train trip to get to A.C., then picking up a bus from there.

By Uber or Lyft

Ride sharing through Uber or Lyft can get you there, but it’ll cost you. Prices vary according to factors like the service you choose, distance of trip, and time of day. Getting an Uber ride to Atlantic City from Philadelphia at a low-demand time can be a little under $100. Sea Isle City puts you closer to $110, and Long Beach Island would run $130. Those rates would go up during peak times. There are more expensive options through both services — if you want to ride in larger or higher-end vehicles — but cheaper options like sharing a trip with strangers are not available on longer trips to the Shore.

By plane

If money is no obstacle, charter flights are available. A trip for four on a private jet from Philadelphia International Airport to Cape May County Airport costs between $6,700 and $9,500, according to Executive Jet Management. It’s about the same price to most Shore destinations. Travel time: 12 minutes.

This story has been updated since it first published.

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