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With an expected historic shift to Democratic control at SEPTA, will riders see improved service?

Victories by Democrats in Philadelphia's suburbs Tuesday will likely change the balance of power on the board. The party switch could come just as SEPTA faces a state funding crisis.

More than $200,000 in abandoned Key card funds is sitting in a SEPTA zombie account

The account now holds $210,391 from registered and unregistered Key cards that have expired. SEPTA can’t touch that balance, but cardholders can reclaim their money.

She flew from England to Philadelphia for business. Then Willie Singletary took her for a ride. | Clout

Singletary, the former Philadelphia Traffic Court judge who served a prison term for lying to the FBI and was blocked from running for City Council this year, is driving a limousine at the airport.

The cost of SEPTA’s Key card system just swelled to nearly $200 million — way more than planned

Chief among the costs was $4.4 million to replace all of the agency’s 4,226 card readers, purchased six years ago.

South Philly neighbors are fighting over parking, and the China trade war is to blame

Plastics, aluminum, and steel products have been in short supply because of the trade war with China. As a result, safety features are missing on 11th Street, which was redesigned so pedestrians, cyclists, and cars could coexist.

Philly’s new parking kiosks ditch dashboard-displayed receipts

The new parking kiosks will charge people via license plate.

Deal on new rail cars embroils SEPTA in U.S. suspicions of China manufacturer

Congressional action could effectively shutter the Chinese company that is building SEPTA’s new rail cars.

FBI investigation into fraud at SEPTA eyeing Delco construction business

The identification of the Upper Darby construction company as a focus of the investigation is the first time an organization or person outside SEPTA has been tied to the probe.

FBI probe into fraud at SEPTA looks at a second business, this one in N.J.

An investigation that began with workers at SEPTA is now probing businesses that conduct transactions with the transit agency.

SEPTA worker killed on subway tracks was caught between two trains

What caused the worker to be in the path of a SEPTA train on July 8 remains unanswered.