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West Philly trolley line derailed by sinkhole returns to service

Repairing the sinkhole that caused the line shutdown went faster than expected.

How do you put a price tag on traffic congestion? Philly says it’s in the millions.

A new study shows how much time and money the city is losing while it's sitting in Center City traffic.

‘It’s almost like driving in a video game’: These are Philly’s worst streets

Federal support for some of Philly's busiest streets hasn't kept them from also being in dire need of repairs.

With PATCO flooded, riders adapted to a trainless commute

PATCO service resumed midday with trains every 28 minutes.

Uber is discriminating against disabled riders, Pennsylvania lawsuit claims

A lawsuit in Pittsburgh is one of two that a national disability rights group has filed to demand better wheelchair access with Uber.

Philly lays out options for Roosevelt Blvd.’s future and envisions a road remade

Philadelphia is considering some transformative changes for the famously dangerous road.

How bad are Philly streets? One West Philly neighborhood made ritual offerings to a sinkhole.

Drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians have criticized Philly streets, but the city reports receiving about 2,100 fewer pothole complaints so far this year, compared to last.

SEPTA explores the promising, environmentally friendly, yet uncertain future of electric buses

The buses are the most environmentally friendly out there, but can they do what a fossil-fuel powered vehicle can do?

NJ Transit River Line service slowly returns after inspection finds wheel flaw

“Out of an abundance of caution, a comprehensive inspection is being conducted on every wheel of each vehicle which is a highly labor intensive process,” the agency said.