A few years ago, just after Kermit Gosnell was arrested for murdering babies and pregnant women in his abortuary in West Philadelphia, pro-life advocates like myself went public with our outrage.  After I wrote several articles decrying the type of society which gives birth (no pun intended) to such monstrous men and equally diabolical acts, I received the type of feedback you'd expect from the pro-choice crowd:  I was exploiting a tragedy to advance my own agenda.
I won't deny that the Gosnell incident gave me an opportunity to talk about the dirty side of a procedure that has been sanitized in the press as a 'medical necessity' or, worse, a 'reproductive choice.'  But to my knowledge, no one on my side of the argument ever said that Gosnell was the face of the pro-choice movement.
Fast forward to Sunday night.  On prime-time television, smack dab between the two halves of a football game that the Eagles were destined to lose, Bob Costas pontificated about the evils of guns.  Commenting on the murder-suicide of Kansas City Chief Javon Belcher and his pregnant girlfriend Kasandra Perkins, Costas noted implied that if Belcher didn't have a gun, his girlfriend would still be alive today.
I could almost hear the gun-control advocates across the nation stand up and say "Amen Brother, Bob, Hallelujah!"  It was just the same kind of hyperbole used by anti-gun activists who think an inanimate albeit potentially deadly object-a firearm-has self-determination.  It's as if the gun pulled its own trigger.
While there is a legitimate case to be made that the current laws are either too lax or ineffectively applied, it is ridiculous to blame the firearm for the murder of a pregnant woman.  We don't know if Belcher obtained the gun legally.  We don't know if he had mental problems.  We don't know if that gun might have actually saved a life in the past.
The point is this:  just as some people get upset when you make Kermit Gosnell the face of abortion, others are equally justified in slamming Bob Costas for his opportunistic attack on guns.
No one should have to listen to speeches over the bodies of pregnant women, no matter how they died.