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#PhillyFive What We're Reading: Dec. 24, 2014

What we're reading this morning.

Stories from around the Web that we're reading this morning. Something for everyone.

1. With a new law protecting them from the cold, dogs have their day in Philly, reports Beginning Jan. 1, the dogs must come indoors anytime the city declares a Code Blue, when temperatures drop to around 20 degrees.

2. The 10 biggest trends in Philly tech in 2014.'s Juliana Reyes highlights high school hackers, big venture capital rounds and the new face of open data.

3. The magic of Christmas Eve goes beyond religion. For all the crushing weight of consumerism and faux emotion to be endured each December, there is nothing that can touch the night before Christmas.

4. Penn professor is horrified his life's research is connected to CIA torture techniques. Psychologist Martin E. P. Seligman famously conducted studies in the 1960s that revealed a "learned helplessness" in dogs subjected to repeated electric shocks. The Daily Pennsylvanian's Dan Spinelli reports.

5) Google's self-driving car (above) hits the roads next month - without a wheel or pedals. Wired reports that vehicle operators still will have "temporary manual controls" and be ready to take over in case something goes wrong.

- Sam Wood