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Free Willie is canned

Our town’s most photogenic former Traffic Court judge, Willie Singletary, is heading to jail for ticket-fixing. But let's not forget he sent his junk around.

Former Traffic Court Judge Willie Singletary got 20 months for ticket-fixing.

I loved the part about how he was too dumb to understand that "preferential treatment" and "offering consideration" were one and the same thing.

He owned up to "stupid decisions," and brought his church choir along to back him up. (This would make a great scene in a movie about his life.)

What escaped notice in this hearing, was the previous spot of trouble which involved taking pictures of his penis and passing them along to a woman, who happened to be a government employee.

This led to a column in which I dream up some possible excuses for his action. I made reference to Free Willie, for which I am not ashamed.

Before his election, he had promised special treatment to a motorcycle club, and had his driver's license yanked for running up more than $11,000 in tickets.

I know you are not supposed to make fun of other people's misfortunes, but when they are so egregious and so self-inflicted, it's hard not to.

I will try to be a better person in the future.