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#PhillyFive What We're Reading: Dec. 3, 2014

What we're reading this morning. Recent good reads you may have missed.

Recent good reads you may have missed.

1) Fighting over Maurice Sendak's Legacy: Where the Wild Things are Going.  The author's estate has withdrawn more than 10,000 items from Philadelphia's Rosenbach Museum. Those works are headed to Sendak's house in rural Connecticut, where his foundation plans to open a museum. The New York Times interviews Sendak's former housekeeper, Lynn Caponera, who is the estate's executor.

2) Portraits of Philadelphia's homeless people: Its about looking into someone's eye. Lindsay Lazarski reports for about photographer Christopher Brown, who has created a series of searing images that resemble oil paintings - showing details and imperfections like brush strokes.

3) Exploding the myths about American healthcare. When it comes to health care, Americans might as well live in a Third World Country, writes Wendell Potter, a former insurance exec turned whistleblower. If you believe no other country could possibly have a better system, you've been duped by Potter's former colleagues and others like himself. He says a new documentary, Remote Area Medical, draws an accurate picture of what many American's face.

4) Watching Seinfeld is a great way to learn about cost-benefit analysis, game theory, and the functions of markets. The Economics of Seinfeld launched four years ago at The dismal science has never been funnier.

5) Why millennials won't be big spenders this holiday season. The chief economist at Moody's Analytics speaks with Knowledge@Wharton about the demographic trapped in a weak job market, working for low wages and mired in student loan debts.

- Sam Wood