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#PhillyFive What We're Reading: March 27, 2015

What we're reading this morning. Wild turkeys; sleep apnea; bike lanes; pee-UEDs; Uncle Joe

Stories from around the Web that we're reading this morning. Something for everyone.

Wild turkeys return to West Philly. Last seen in the area in 2013, they were smart enough to avoid Thanksgiving.

At Jefferson, a new treatment for sleep apnea. The therapy is a pacemaker attached to two wires. One monitors breathing, the other wire snakes up under the chin and gently pokes a nerve in the tongue.

How bike lanes and shared streets pay for themselves, and then some. Forcing cars to share the road can yield tangible economic returns fast, new study finds.

Tumblr of the moment: What urban experiential displays would look like throughout Philly. Envisioning UEDs bringing infotaining razzamatazz to the City of Brotherly Love's most iconic locations.

Is Joe Biden ready for Joe? The vice president isn't exactly running for president, but Clinton's email missteps have focused new attention on the possibility that he might.

- Sam Wood