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U-Turn: It's time for Trump to go

It’s time to reject Donald Trump’s xenophobic fascism.

It's time to reject Donald Trump's xenophobic fascism.

In one fell swoop Monday, the leading Republican presidential candidate called for a religious test for admission into the land of the allegedly free.

He might as well rip up the Bill of Rights. He's clearly forgotten that this country was based upon freedom of religion – and not just Christianity and Judaism, but many other religions, including Islam.

Trump's presence in the race is no longer simply a distraction. It has reared its ugly head and is quickly poisoning our nation's social and political health at a time when much healing is needed.

For that reason, every 1st Amendment loving Republican – but especially those running for the GOP presidential nomination – must unconditionally and categorically censure, condemn and repudiate Trump's hateful message.

Locally, that means that the PA-GOP must rescind its invitation for Trump to headline this weekend's Pennsylvania Society fundraiser in New York. No Pennsylvania Republican running for office in 2016 should accept Trump's endorsement, presence or dollars.

That being said, it's unfortunate that Trump went too far. For many of us who accurately identified San Bernardino as a "terrorist incident," it makes our blood boil when both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton refuse to use the term "radical Islam" to describe the jihadists who clearly do not share the peaceful behaviors of the majority of Muslims living in America and around the world.

Americans need to have a real dialogue on Islam. When drawing a cartoon of Mohammed leads to death threats and murder attempts, there's something rotten in Denmark. When you can't burn the Quran with the same freedom that you can burn an American flag, there's a real problem.

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