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Without a clue, again

Even Fox News is fact-checking Sarah Palin

Next week, when Sarah Palin begins the extended public blitz about her book (13 stops, 11 of them in presidential battleground states), there will be plenty of time to wonder whether the Republican party truly wants or intends to trust its destiny to a former half-term governor whose half-baked assertions are so often at variance with factual reality. But why wait?

While conversing the other day with a Wisconsin anti-abortion group, Palin embarked on a ramble about all the "change" being wrought by the Obama administration, and she cited, as evidence, a decision to tweak the design of the one-dollar coin in a way that discriminated against God.

She and a friend of hers had been lamenting the fact that the phrase "In God We Trust" had been moved from the face of the coin to the rim. She was appalled by this sacrilegious move, wondering: "Who calls a shot like that? Who makes a decision like that? It's a disturbing trend." Clearly, her message was that Obama and the secular liberals, in furtherance of their "trend," had banished God to the periphery.

This is yet another example why so many Democrats dream at night of a Palin nomination in 2012:

1. God was moved from the face to the rim by the Republicans. The new design was vetted by the Republican Congress in 2005, and approved by President Bush.

2. (And this is even better.) The redesign barely saw the light of day. It was reversed two years later, with God moving back to the face of the the new Democratic Congress.

I learned all this the other night, from Fox News, which put the truth on the air. Good for Fox, but think about that for a moment:

We have now reached the point where even Fox News is fact-checking Sarah Palin.

Yes, even Fox News - the same network that spliced old conservative rally footage into last week's conservative rally footage, in order to swell the size of the latter - now finds it necessary to police the falsities of the GOP's would-be standard-bearer, who apparently has still not learned the value of doing basic homework. That by itself should give Republicans plenty to ponder.