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'Jumpstarting' Fringe Arts

An early taste of Philly's largest contemporary performance festival.

Mark your calendars, this Monday, May 13, Fringe Arts introduces their 2013 Jumpstart Showcase.

Fringe Arts Festival is a ways away, but it's never too soon to prepare for the year's largest contemporary performance experience. Hosted at the Painted Bride Art Center, the two-day event, spanning over Monday and Tuesday, will feature 6 live performances. According to Fringe Arts' website, the series is "designed to identify new and emerging talent in the field of live performance." The evening functions as an audition, where the selected artists win both rehearsal time and a cash prize. Your participation can shape this falls festival, so get out there and contribute.

Tickets are $18 and $12 for students. Find out more at Fringe Arts.