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More on the perfidy of Senate Republicans over Iran.

What a day for the numbers -- 7.3 million (bucks) for Marvin Gaye's heirs, zero Nick Foles for the 2015 Eagles, ????? emails about yoga routines and what not deleted by Hillary Clinton.

Oh yeah, and #47traitors serving in the U.S. Senate. I don't have a lot more to say about this than my "hot take" (not really) from yesterday, other than the magnitude of this foreign policy treachery (and blunder) by the majority of Senate Republicans continues to boggle my mind. Most critics are focusing on the principle of senators undermining the executive branch, and that's definitely a huge problem.

But I think the policy implications, though not as sexy as headlines screaming "Treason," are arguably worse. First with their clumsy invitation to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and now with their meddling in the Iranian peace talks, the Republican "leaders" of our legislative branch have shown the world that they prefer war over peace, as well as bluster over negotiation, and that the geopolitical interests of the United States are secondary to that of their billionaire campaign donors.

The good news is that all of this is blowing up in the face of the GOP. The latest polls show that the people of Israel may finally get the moderate and sensible government they deserve, and the popularity of American Republicans is plummeting as well. The bad news is that the nation is stuck with these bozos for at least two years, and thanks to gerrymandering, probably a lot longer than that.

Blogger's note: Working on an old-fashioned newspaper story this week so blogging will be like the weather: Moderate.