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Asking Obama for a torture special prosecutor

Even though it's been eight months or so, interest in

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at the Daily News offices back in April -- in which he discussed the possibility of criminal prosecution for crimes committed by the Bush administration -- continues to rise as his presidency approaches. Here, my new online friend Ari Melber at the Nation cites the interview in

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to probe the White House greenlighting of torture:

Vote, by all means, although I appreciate the political issues facing Obama, who right now  needs to rank the economy No. 1 and everything else No. 37 if he is to succeed. There are ways that don't require the direct involvement of the Obama White House -- either an aggressive congressional probe or a kind of National Truth Commission -- that could do the initial fact-finding. That delays the tougher decisions on prosecution for a while, but either way there needs to be a public investigation, so let's get that in gear.