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Sen. Joe Biden (D-MBNA): It was an outrage in 2005, so why not now?

The New York Times reminds us how Joe Biden (D-MBNA) got his nickname:

The real estate deal was just one facet of a close relationship between Mr. Biden and MBNA, which donated more than $200,000 to his campaigns. The Delaware-based company gave a job to Mr. Biden's son Hunter; flew Senator Biden and his wife to the Maine coast, where Mr. Biden spoke at a company retreat; and its former chief executive, Charles M. Cawley, donated at least $22,500 to a nonprofit breast cancer fund started by Jill Biden.
MBNA also was an aggressive advocate of bankruptcy reform legislation before the Senate Judiciary Committee, where Mr. Biden was a senior member and its former chairman. The legislation would make it harder for consumers to escape credit card debts.
Mr. Wade said there was nothing improper in Mr. Biden's dealings with Mr. Cochran. He said the sale price was supported by an appraisal for the same amount, and that Mr. Biden never did MBNA any favors in the Senate.

No favors, except, you know, that bankruptcy bill that made life a lot harder for those families at the kitchen table that Biden likes to talk about. There's a lot more in this Times article, including VIP mortgage treatment for Biden -- which isn't illegal or anything but really should be barred by Senate ethics rules -- and evidence that he used money from campaign donors to support his lifestyle, including his commute to work on Amtrak and lawn care at his home. This is exactly the same behavior that I blasted Rick Santorum for in 2006 -- it's just as bad when Biden does it as when Santorum does it.

This a good story that isn't getting the attention it deserves -- liberal bloggers who were so justifiably angry at Biden in 2005 when he was just some Joe Schmoe senator from Delaware won't trumpet an article that hurts the Democrats' chances for the White House, and you probably won't hear so much on the right because it undercuts their storyline that the NYT is in the tank for Obama.

It's bizarre but it's seemed to me that the only thing that doesn't bounce around the media/political echo chamber in 2008 is good journalism.