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Corbett: I don't pay attention to polls...I pay attention to billionaires

The Corbett administration: Let them eat gas:

To offset the huge cuts, almost two in three Pennsylvanians favor taxing companies that extract and sell natural gas, and placing new taxes on the sale of smokeless tobacco and cigars.


The poll may fall on deaf ears, though.

"While he was running for governor, Tom Corbett did not comment on polls," said Corbett spokesman Kevin Harley. "As governor, he will be governing on policy, not polls."

Wow, a politician who doesn't listen to the polls -- let's reserve a chapter for Corbett in Profiles in Courage II. Except occasionally the people are wiser than the politicians. The governor isn't ignoring the polls because he's a man of principle, but he's ignoring the polls because the people of Pennsylvania don't want what's good for his billionaire campaign donors from Boca Raton and from Oklahoma.

The good news is the public is already onto Corbett's scam just two months into his term. The bad news is that it's not clear what we can do about him between now and 2014. The only real Achilles heel is that his GOP majority in Harrisburg isn't that big, and some sububan Philadelphia Republicans might be susceptible to pressure.

If it's applied.