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Dept. of I Told You So

Sen Mitch McConnell proves that Republicans hate a free press

Last week I told you that the case of the AP phone records -- the most serious and disturbing matter in the trifecta of so-called Obama "scandals" -- would die on the vine because Republicans, in spite of their ill-disguised hatred for the president, hate an aggressive free press even more.

Told you so:

WASHINGTON -- Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on Sunday appeared to defend the Obama administration's controversial leak investigation into the Associated Press -- an inquiry that sparked outrage after the Department of Justice subpoenaed personal and work telephone records for at least 20 of the news organization's reporters and editors.

The AP has openly questioned the legality of DOJ's actions, and civil liberties advocates have decried them as a violation of the First Amendment right to a free press.

But during an appearance on NBC's "Meet The Press," McConnell declined to attack the administration over the issue.