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Don't go back to....Paulville?

A gated community for Ron Paul fanatics

Ron Paul may be the only still-active Republican candidate who's doing worse than John McCain, but his small band of supporters with their seemingly bottomless bank accounts still have some big dreams. Now that they've realized that there's not enough Paulites -- or Paulians, or Paulanians, whatever they're called -- to take back Washington, D.C. -- they've set their sights a tad lower.

On 50 isolated acres of tumbleweed in the wide-open spaces of West Texas, in a utopia of the future they call -- and no, I'm not making this up -- Paulville (huge h/t Ben Smith, although Wonkette had it first):

The goal of it to establish gated communities containing 100% Ron Paul supporters and or people that live by the ideals of freedom and liberty.

Where is it?'s first community location in Western Texas, the mountain range is about 15 miles from the community and is the Guadalupe Mountain range, the highest range in Texas. Just west of the property is yet another mountain range for great views surrounding the community.

OK, is it just me, or does anyone else wonder why a town dedicated to "the ideals of freedom and liberty" would need to be a gated community? Nevermind, I'm sure that the town of, Tex., will be one that's marked by its respect for the Bill of Rights, its opposition to the Iraq War, and its doubts about 9/11. Just don't expect them to celebrate the Martin Luther King holiday. Of course, there are also elements of this scheme that sound a tad like the last email I received from Nigeria...

However the goal is a minimal financial outlay of around $500 per share to establish this community.

...but who wants to spoil the fun of a such a great idea. And you thought it was wacky when liberals and conservatives started their own dating sites? But I guess "red states" and "blue states" is just soooo 2004 now, and that dusty exurbs for each losing candidate's supporters will be the norm from now on.

Well, I sure wouldn't want to live in Hillaryburg, Pa., with a lot of bitter unemployed steelworkers who are down at the shooting range when they're not at Mass. And I believe there already is a Romneyville in Texas -- wasn't it in the news recently? I also did hear there's a movement afoot for Bidentown -- they haven't found a location yet, but they're looking in "a slave state."

As for me, I want to retire to a quiet rural community. I'm thinking about Dodd City...population 6.