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Fracking Karl Rove to Pa.: "Climate is gone"

You know where Karl Rove spent the day after the all-important mid-term election? Here in the state of Pennsylvania -- Pittsburgh to be exact -- gnawing on steak and potatoes and running a political victory lap with the fracking polluters who can now befowl our state's water supply with impugnity for the next couple of years, aided in no small part by the $38 million in mostly secret donations from large corporations that was donated to Rove's American Crossroads outfit that ran attack ads smearing congressional candidates who support sensible environmental laws. In celebrating Tueaday's GOP win with the Marcellus Shale frackers, Rove showed himself a man who not only knows where his cow flesh is seared but where his bread is buttered.

Here's what Rove told them:

Great choice of words -- "climate is gone." Especially since 2010 is currently tied for the warmest year on record -- nothing to see here. Ironically, the attack ads that Rove funded before America voted made no mention of issues like global warming or hydraulic fracking, as they were too busy telling whoppers about incumbent Democrats gutting Medicare. It is only now, after the votes are counted, that Rove can safely boast what this election was really about. By the way, do you know what else contributes to global warming? Steak and potatoes. Not that fracking Karl Rove would care.