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How the 1 Percent tries to destroy sports, too

The death of the Seattle SuperSonics, a.k.a. the Oklahoma City Thunder:

Alas, Walker didn't have the good sense to lie to us. He went through a litany of minor reasons why the team needed a new arena: higher capacity, bigger arena footprint, more room for high-end concessions, more places for premium seat holders, a.k.a. the super rich, the people who could afford a pair of courtside season tickets for $70,000. These were the justifications he offered us to explain why we were asking for a heaping pile of taxpayer dollars. After Walker's spiel, a member of the sales staff asked the fateful question: "Wally, what will this arena upgrade do for Joe Sixpack—the regular fan?"

Dead silence.

After an uncomfortable few seconds, Walker said, "Well, nothing."

The happy ending to this story is that the Sonics were moved 1,000 miles away and sold to a billionaire whose insider dealing is now drawing the scrutiny of the SEC. So...OK, there is no moral to the story. It's American sports. Deal with it.

Have a great weekend. Go Flyers!