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Irony, thy name is "Uzi"

Kind of ironic that both these stories come out on the same day, don't you think?

No. 1:

Two key provisions of Philadelphia's most recent attempt to impose local gun controls - banning "straw purchase" of handguns and banning assault weapons - were invalidated today by a state appeals court.

No. 2:

A man armed with an Uzi submachine gun has robbed five West Philadelphia businesses since Tuesday, threatening employees and patrons with the fearsome weapon in each incident.

In three of the robberies, the man had an accomplice who wielded a 9 mm handgun. In all five robberies, the suspects fled the scene on black BMX bicycles, police said.

Detectives are concerned that the powerful weapon, coupled with the apparent youth of the suspects, could lead to a deadly confrontation.

The police are concerned about criminals with these powerful weapons, but Harrisburg?...not that much apparently. It's amazing that contrast between what people worry about -- "Obama's going to take everybody's guns away"* -- versus the reality, which is there are plenty of guns to go around, including this Uzi that is now terrorizing out city.

* Not.