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Living proof that rock 'n' roll is NOT here to stay

Picked this up from Greg Mitchell at

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" -- the Associated Press list of the Top 10 rock albums of 2008, which in fact is one long giant "

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?" Greg was the senior editor of the legendary rock magazine

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during the early 1970s, which is why he and Springsteen are on a first name basis. And he has no idea who the heck these people are.

I'm a little familiar with one of the bands, the Black Keys, and was actually listening online to some TV on the Radio this week only because they were atop someone else's 10 best list. But the other eight could be polka bands for all I know. One of the things that made rock and roll great when it was great was that it was a SHARED experience, in the day when no one would ever look at a "10 best" list and say, "Gee, I never heard that one...'Satisfaction' by the Rolling Stones."  Having iTunes and XM radio and all that narrowcasting is great, but I don't see how music can matter as much as it did in the communal days of real Top 40 and, dare I say it,

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But then what do I know -- my favorite "current" band sounds like this: