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My, myself and Arlene

Anyone who's wondering why there's resistance to jacking up taxes for the Philadelphia schools ought to read this eye-opening post about superintendent Arlene Ackerman by my friend and ex-colleague Dave Davies, now over at WHYY. The big question is which is more appalling.

This quote?

She offered this explanation of her motivation for managing the city's schools: "Understand that I do this work because I care so deeply about our future, about our race, and about what happens to our young people."

Or this revealing albeit not surprising fact?

By my count, she used the words I, me, my or mine 118 times in a speech of a little over ten minutes, about once every five and a half seconds. She finished by asking the crowd to "pray for me every day."

Actually...pray for the children.

Here's a song for Arlene: