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NY's bogus man on-the-street strikes again -- in Philly!

There are three things certain in life -- death, taxes, and newspaper quotes from "regular Joe" man-on-the-street Greg Packer. The 44-year-old water treatment plant worker from Long Island is a living legend in the news business for getting quoted, usually up in the Big Apple:

The parade drew fans from beyond the region, too.
Greg Packer, 44, of Huntington, N.Y., drove in for Game 5 of the World Series and stayed for the celebration. He arrived on Broad Street near City Hall at 5 a.m. to secure what he considered the best spot.
"In New York right now, we have no Mets, no Yankees, no stadiums," he said. "I came here to represent and cheer our neighbors."

This may be the most exciting news of the week. When Greg Packer comes to your town, you've made the big-time! Philadelphia really is a world-class city.