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UPDATED: Newspapers are dying because they're so liberal....

....except when they're conservative.

Maybe ideology doesn't have so much to do with what's killing newspapers after all.

UPDATE: Great history here of media liberalism in the 2000s (h/t Atrios), such as:

And that other supposedly ferociously liberal daily, The Washington Post, how did it cover the crucial months prior to the Iraq war? Basically, the paper couldn't stop publishing pro-war editorials -- 26 in all between September 2002 and February 2003. As for its columnists and contributors, it was like a neoconservative open casting call as the Post flooded its readers with an avalanche of war cheerleaders.

The pro-war march at times seemed to fog the paper's news judgment. In September 2002, Sen. Ted Kennedy made a passionate, provocative, and newsworthy speech raising all sorts of doubts about the war. It was a speech in which the liberal senator warned against virtually every major shortfall that eventually plagued the post-invasion operation. Yet the prophetic speech garnered just one sentence -- 36 words total -- of coverage from the Post, which in 2002 printed more than a thousand articles and columns, totaling perhaps 1 million words about Iraq.

Did I mention that posting -- unlike the recent snow -- will be extremely light this week. As it should be. It's Christmas week! It's not like they're going to overhaul the American health care system or anything. Use this as an open thread to discuss whatever's on your mind -- not just the media's liberal bias. Like....the Eagles are good? What up with that? And are you still "electrified" by AI? Did I not warn you?