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One death this week that won't be mourned

End of the Hummer?

Mourn the passing of Bo Diddley, or Anne d'Harnoncourt -- but don't shed a tear for the hoped-for passing of this monstrosity:

U.S. carmakers for years didn't pay enough attention to making fuel-efficient cars. GM came up with the Hummer, the poster-child for gasoline-guzzling vehicles. Now that gas is near $4 a gallon, however, times have changed.
On Tuesday, GM Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner said the firm may sell the Hummer unit.
Why? Try this number on for size: The Hummer H3, the mid-size SUV, gets less than 14 miles a gallon in city driving.

Hopefully they'll save a few of these for the Smithsonian, so future generations can bear witness to the day when the world lost its mind.