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Philadelphia flunks Reid-ing comprehension

The arrival of Andy Reid in Philadelphia some 14 years ago was shrouded in mystery. What was it about this obscure and unknown 40-year-old assistant — a former college offensive lineman who inexplicably coached quarterbacks in Green Bay — that led Eagles' owner Jeffrey Lurie to leapfrog Reid over all the better known candidates?

Once here, it was as if there were two Andy Reids. There was the coach that Philadelphians saw with their own eyes, who gave inarticulate press conferences and occasionally botched games with his poor clock management.

Somehow this same individual won more games than any other head coach in Eagles' history while taking the Birds to the playoffs nine times, including one (losing) Super Bowl. Something happened between Reid and his players that fans couldn't see. But what?

On Monday, Reid's tenure as longest-serving coach in team history ends. To paraphrase Joni Mitchell, we really don't know Andy, at all.