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Phillies' stimulus didn't work, now comes the debt crisis

Typical liberals -- the Phillies' management actually believed that the road to prosperity was to spend, spend, spend. They claimed they could lower the losing rate to under 33 percent if we just threw $150 million at "mound-ready" Cliff Lee. Do you know how many wins that "stimulus package" has created so far. Three. That's right -- $40 million for every win created. And now the losing rate is going up instead of down.

How's that hopey-changey thing workin' out for ya, Mr. Montgomery?

Meanwhile, our children and grandchildren will be stuck paying off the debt -- money that we owe to foreign powers like Scotland. If the Phillies want to really flourish and solve this debt problem, they'll immediately launch an austerity program of the kind that has been so successful in Pittsburgh and Kansas City. They should be looking toward our national leaders as role models, so they can bring Philadelphia fans the one thing they crave more than anything else: A baseball team free from the scourge of debt.